ISDApp, Pinoy-Made App for Fishermen Without Smartphones

A group of young IT professionals developed an app that provides fishermen with weather information and updates without the need to actually own a smartphone. The app called ISDApp is described as “the first community app that aims to effectively communicate useful information to underprivileged fishermen without smartphones and internet.” The idea sparked by the Filipino fishermen who are among the 3.4 billion people in the world without access to the internet. The team consists of Julius Czar [...]

3D Printing Uses Rays of Light

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley developed a new 3D printer that uses light to transform a thick syrupy liquid into a complex solid design in a matter of minutes. Nicknamed Replicator, after the Star Trek device that can materialize any object on demand, the 3D printer can create objects that are smoother, more flexible and more complex than what is possible with traditional 3D printers. For example, it can add a handle to a screwdriver shaft by plunging the shaft in the re [...]

Alexis Walsh APEX SERIES Mixes Traditional Fashion With 3D Printing

3D printed fashion is providing designers with a range of tools they previously could’ve only dreamt of. With projects like on-demand, online fashion and fabric components, the fashion shows were bound to take notice. Enter Alexis Walsh and Justin Hattendorf, collaborating together to merge digital simulation, 3D printing and traditional craft. Walsh has long been experimenting with 3D printing, allowing her to explore her interests in unique wearable designs with rigid structural forms. She an [...]