World’s Longest 3D Printed Bridge

The world's longest 3D printed bridge has opened in Shanghai, China. The 26 meters long and 3 meters wide bridge was produced by the team led by professor Xu Weiguo from the Tsinghua University School of Architecture's Zoina Land Joint Research Center for Digital Architecture (JCDA) in Beijing and was based on 1,400 years old Anji bridge in Zhaoxian, China's oldest standing arched bridge. According to JCDA, the bridge marks the entry of China's 3D concrete printing and construction technology [...]

Architecture Firm Uses 3D Printing For Renovating Buildings

3D printing for concrete has undergone massive leaps and bounds in recent years. So, it was only natural that it would come to repair and renovation, as opposed to just construction. Taking this concept to its natural conclusion, architecture and engineering firm EDG have stepped up to the plate. Calling this style, “Modern Ornamental”, the teams' approach is handy for rebuilding old facades inexpensively. The work was inspired by 574 Fifth Avenue, an ornamented building in the 1940s, that was [...]